Hero Hotline Day - 5

Welcome to our Hero Hotline Summer Bible Camp! Follow the steps below and enjoy our Day 5 Theme: 

"Unexpected Heros Give Paul a Basket Ride".

Step 1: Watch Video #1: Hero Hotline Theme Song

Step 2: Watch Video #2: Unexpected Heros Give Paul a Basket Ride

Step 3: Watch Video #3: Your Grace

Step 4: Watch Video #4: That's What Makes a Hero

Step 5: Watch Video #5: Trivia

Step 6: Complete your Student Book Activities for Day 5

Step 7: Complete your crafts for Day 5

Step 8: Do your extra Activity Sheets

Step 9: Enjoy the rest of your day!

Videos for Day 5 - "Unexpected Heros Give Paul A Basket Ride"