Small Groups are Forming!

The small group ministry is starting up! 

We want to see everyone at North Creek in a small group!

What is a small group?

A small group is a group that meets and connects regularly, to share their lives and faith. NCPC has several small groups that meet to learn together. We meet in homes or at church. We may meet weekly or twice a month, evenings, or daytimes, live or via Zoom. Usually coffee and tea are available, and we meet, greet, visit, learn, and get acquainted.

Group sizes may range from 8-12. Groups may meet from 1 to 2 hours. A hostess/host greets everyone and offers coffee and/or refreshments. One member is the book or Bible Study leader, or members can take turns doing this. The study is organized in advance, so members can prepare ahead of time. Groups may choose a Bible study or a book by a Christian author. Some group members have busy households or job conflicts, but advanced preparation is not required. After the Study, some members want to share joys and concerns in their lives, and they may ask for prayer. The group may have closing prayer, including those concerns that were shared.

Questions? Contact Joan Eble 425-787-2489 or