Weekly Sunday School

Sunday mornings, 10:00-11:00 AM

In-Person, Room C75 (masks required)

Start in the worship service, enjoy the Children's Message, then go to the Sunday School room.

Note: The first Sunday of each month is Communion Sunday.  On these Sundays there is no Sunday School class and children are invited to worship with their parents.  The activity sheets for that week's lesson will be included in the activity clipboards available at the Kids' Welcome Center in the main lobby.

See the full 3-year scope & sequence of the curriculum - Click Here.

Fall 2022 Schedule

November 6

Songs of Joy (Lesson 9)

November 13

In the Wilderness (Lesson 10)

November 20

11 – Ten Commandments (Lesson 11)

Advent & Winter 2022-23 Schedule

(No Sunday School on December 25 & January 1)

Nov 27 – Advent 1

Mary’s Story (Lesson 14)

Dec 4 – Advent 2

Joseph’s Story (Lesson 15)

Dec 11 – Advent 3

Jesus’ Story (Lesson 16)

Dec 18 – Advent 4

The Shepherd’s Story (Lesson 17)

Jan 8

Search for the King (Lesson 18)

Jan 15

A House for God (Lesson 12)

Jan 22

The Peaceable Kingdom (Lesson 13)

Jan 29

Talk with the Teacher (Lesson 19)

Feb 5

Come to the River (Lesson 20)

Feb 12

Change the Water (Lesson 21)

Feb 19

Born Anew (Lesson 22)

Click Here
to find out how watch an animated video illustrating each week's Bible Story at home! 

Children's Ministry

At North Creek, we recognize children play a valuable role in the life of our congregation. We have a variety of opportunities for children to learn and grow in their faith, and we always look for ways to learn from them! Our programs include Sunday School, Summer Bible Camp, and special seasonal events throughout the year.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact: Pastor Kurt Helmcke

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Looking Back ... Our 2020-2021 Focus on Family Devotions

This school year, we’re not able to have Sunday School at church.  Aware of the stress on families whose children are going to school online during the week, we want our faith nurturing activities to be a change of pace from the routines of home-based online education rather than one more Zoom meeting.  We’ve decided to focus on Developing Family Devotions during this school year, at least until we’re back doing Sunday School at church.

  • Click Here for a Simple Guide for Doing Family Devotions
  • Click Here for the Weekly Reading Schedule in the Promises of God Storybook Bible
  • Click below for the collection of weekly Activity and Coloring Pages

  • Family Devotions are times when children and their parents take a break from the routines and stresses of life to be with each other and connect with God through Scripture and prayer.  You can do this on your own with a copy of the Bible, but many families find it helpful to follow a written devotional guide.  As a booster shot for your family time with God, we’ve chosen two new devotional books to help you.  We really encourage you to have both, because they play different positions on the team. 

We'll be glad to cover the cost of the books you order from the church (if you would like to help us out by purchasing them you may write a check for $25.00 made out to "NCPC" and mail or drop-off when you pick up the books).

There will be two printable activity pages available for every chapter of The Promises of God Storybook Bible.

The "a" activity is designed for preschool to younger elementary, and the "b" activity is designed for older students.


    Click the links below to access the pages.  





    Activity page links


    September 13

    Prologue: God Before Light The God who always keeps His promises.

    Week 1a

    Week 1b


    September 20

    The First Promise God promises to always provide for His people.

    Week 2a

    Week 2b


    September 27

    The Broken Promise God always tells us the Truth.

    Week 3a

    Week 3b


    October 4

    A Crushing Promise God will destroy the snake who lied to Adam and Eve.

    Week 4a

    Week 4b


    October 11

    Colorful Promises God will never again destroy earth with a flood.

    Week 5a

    Week 5b


    October 18

    A Promise in the Stars God will make a people for Himself and give them a land of their own.

    Week 6a

    Week 6b


    October 25

    The Unbelievable, Special Promise God will fulfill every promise He makes no matter how impossible it seems.

    Week 7a

    Week 7b


    November 1

    A Sacrificial Promise God will provide the sacrifice for our sins.

    Week 8a

    Week 8b


    November 8

    Dreamy Promises God chooses who He will lift up as a leader.

    Week 9a

    Week 9b


    November 15

    The Prisoner’s Promise God will keep His promises even when it doesn’t seem like He can.

    Week 10a

    Week 10b


    November 22

    The Promise of Providing God always does what He says He is going to do.

    Week 11a

    Week 11b


    November 29

    A Sovereign Promise God’s plans are good even when things look bad.

    Week 12a

    Week 12b


    December 6

    The Promise in the Weeds God will protect His people, no matter who is against them.

    Week 13a

    Week 13b


    December 13

    The Promise of Sin God is faithful to provide even when we sin.

    Week 14a

    Week 14b


    December 20

    Chosen for a Promise God is faithful to use His people despite their sins and weaknesses.

    Week 15a

    Week 15b


    December 27

    Good Promises and Evil Signs God uses His people to protect His people.

    Week 16a

    Week 16b


    January 3

    Plagues of promise God will judge those who hurt His people.

    Week 17a

    Week 17b


    January 10

    The Passover Promise God will save His people through the blood of a spotless lamb.

    Week 18a

    Week 18b


    January 17

    Pillars of Promise God will defeat the enemies of His people.

    Week 19a

    Week 19b


    January 24

    Promises to Pouters God can provide for us in amazing ways even when we don’t trust Him.

    Week 20a

    Week 20b


    January 31

    The Promised Land Nothing can stop God from keeping His promises.

    Week 21a

    Week 21b


    February 7

    Immanuel Promised God will send His Son to live among us and yet not sin.

    Week 22a

    Week 22b


    February 14

    I Promise to Suffer God will take the punishment for the sins of all His people.

    Week 23a

    Week 23b


    February 21

    The New Promise God promised a new covenant with His people that would make away for their sins to be forgiven forever.

    Week 24a

    Week 24b


    February 28

    The Promised One God sent His Son to save His people from their sins.

    Week 25a

    Week 25b


    March 7

    The Promise of Peace Jesus will make a way for peace between God and man.

    Week 26a

    Week 26b


    March 14

    Promises Treasured Jesus will always obey His Father.

    Week 27a

    Week 27b


    March 21

    The Promised Father, Son and Spirit All the persons of God are always present.

    Week 28a

    Week 28b


    March 28

    False Promises God’s words have the power to defeat Satan.

    Week 29a

    Week 29b


    April 4

    A Promise to Follow Those who follow Jesus will see incredible things done in His name.

    Week 30a

    Week 30b


    April 11

    Promises with Power Jesus can heal any sickness disease or death He chooses to heal.

    Week 31a

    Week 31b


    April 18

    A Living Promise God offers eternal life to all who trust in Him, no matter who they are or where they come from.

    Week 32a

    Week 32b


    April 25

    The Unwanted Promise Everyone who believes in Jesus will live forever.

    Week 33a

    Week 33b


    May 2

    The Promised Entry God will make away for His people to be perfect through Jesus.

    Week 34a

    Week 34b


    May 9

    The Promised Plot God always knows what is going to happen, it is always part of His plan.

    Week 35a

    Week 35b


    May 16

    The Promised Servant God loves us with an everlasting love like Jesus showed with the apostles.

    Week 36a

    Week 36b


    May 23

    The Promised Deliverer Delivered to Death God will send a Deliverer who will save His people from their sins.

    Week 37a

    Week 37b


    May 30

    The Dark Promise Jesus will suffer to save His people from their sins.

    Week 38a

    Week 38b


    June 6

    The Promised Redeemer God will crush the head of the snake and defeat death.

    Week 39a

    Week 39b



    June 13

    A Growing Promise God will use His people to reach new people to believe in Him.

    Week 40a

    Week 40b


    June 20

    A Helping Promise God will fill all who believe with His spirit.

    Week 41a

    Week 41b


    June 27

    Promising to Save a Killer God will save all those who call on Him, no matter their past sins.

    Week 42a

    Week 42b


    July 4

    God’s Promised Perfect Time God will return at a time only He knows, and until then we are to work for Him.

    Week 43a

    Week 43b


    July 11

    Promised Gifts for All God promises to give spiritual gifts to all His people.

    Week 44a

    Week 44b


    July 18

    The Freedom Promise God promises freedom for all those who trust only Jesus.

    Week 45a

    Week 45b


    July 25

    The Promise and Providence of Love Nothing can ever separate those who love Jesus from God’s love.

    Week 46a

    Week 46b


    August 1

    Chosen with the Promise of Spiritual Armor God gives His people the armor we need to fight the enemy.

    Week 47a

    Week 47b


    August 8

    The Complete Promise God will complete all the work He begins.

    Week 48a

    Week 48b


    August 15

    Promised New Life God makes all those who follow Jesus alive with Him.

    Week 49a

    Week 49b


    August 22

    Promise for the Nations God will save a people from every tribe, language, and nation.

    Week 50a

    Week 50b


    August 29

    Promising All Things New God will create a new heaven and earth where He will be with His people.

    Week 51a

    Week 51b


    September 5

    The Promised Return and Rule Jesus is coming back, & we will rule with Him.

    Week 52a

    Week 52b