Mission Study

From October 2022 to March 2023, the session conducted a congregational mission study to renew our ministry vision and chart the course for our congregation into the future.  More than 100 people participated in two Envisioning Workshops, conducted in the spirit of "Appreciative Inquiry" to gather information about the congregation's foundational identity and hopes for the future.  Read our final Mission Study Report here, as well as the 33-page statistical report on community demographics provided by Mission Insite.

Mission Study Report

Community Survey

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Rather than identifying problems to solve, Appreciative Inquiry explores the best of the organization's stories, practices, and hopes.  We imagine what might be possible in the future by

  • identifying themes that emerge from congregational sharing
  • imagining what might be possible in the future along these themes
  • building toward consensus about plans for future innovation

Resource for the Strategic Visioning Workshop:

Watch our Envisioning Workshop Part 2 Live Recording

Mission Study Report

Resource for our previous Envisioning Workshop:

Mission Study Itinerary

Pastor's Pen from September about “Appreciative Inquiry"

Pastor's Pen from October Current and Envisioning Our Future

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