Current Opportunities

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is a ministry that equips churches towards emotional health as well as contemplative spirituality.

There are several components to this wonderful journey together. Think of this course as a Post 40-Days study for NCPC. This venture will help us stay centered in Christ and love each other. Like past all-church programs, we will enjoy a sermon series by Kurt that will tie into a personal daily devotion, as well as a Sunday morning Together Time (or an optional midweek Zoom session). The sessions will include a 15-minute video by Peter Scazzero and break out time with small groups. 



Exploring God's Heart for Justice and Our Call to Live in Ways that Reflect that Justice.

In this seven-week study, we will be digging into difficult issues. The key, by the grace of God, is humility. May we open ourselves to what God wants to show us about Himself, His love for all humankind, and His fierce passion for justice.

Note that it would not be possible to use all of the materials in a standard 1.5 hour Small Group Bible Study. Some could be used to enhance the knowledge of the Small Group Leader or as supplemental material to be done before or after the meeting.


Time with Dr. John M. Perkins

We had the incredible opportunity to hear from and interact with Dr. John Perkins, author of our Lent book One Blood, in a Zoom call. Dr. Perkins will shared his heart with us. God has used Dr. Perkins in mighty ways in his 91 years serving as a Christian minister, civil rights activist, Bible teacher, best-selling author, philosopher and community developer. There is so much we can learn from him.