Practicing the Way of Jesus

Materials for each spiritual practice include:

Online Videos for Group or Personal Viewing

  • Welcome (2-3 minutes) - Pause Video for Conversation (questions on screen)
  • Teaching (20 minutes) - Pause Video for Conversation (questions on screen)
  • Tutorial (5 minutes) - Instructions for Using the Companion Guide

Companion Guide for Personal Application

  • Four chapters, one for each lesson.
  • Free digital book (PDF); our church office will print this at no charge.
  • Option of purchasing in book form from

Flexible Format - for individuals and groups of all sizes

  • In a small group, the entire group might engage the discussion, or divide into smaller units (the presenters encourage discussion in triads).
  • For those not in a small group, consider inviting one or two others to journey with you.
  • For those learning solo, use the questions presented in the video for writing reflections in a journal.

The Emotionally Healthy Connection

Click here

to go to a page on Bridgetown Church's website featuring an interview between John Mark Comer and Pete Scazzero, author of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.

North Creek engaged in a congregation-wide study of two of Pete Scazzero's books: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Fall 2021) and Emotionally Healthy Relationships (Winter 2022).  These studies recommend that each person form a "RULE OF LIFE," a set of spiritual practices that keep us grounded in God.  Practicing the Way is our chosen source of learning the classic spiritual practices that might be included in our rule of life.

Practicing the Way will eventually feature NINE practices: Sabbath, Prayer, Fasting, Solitude, Scripture, Community, Simplicity, Generosity, Hospitality.  Explore each one and consider incorporating it into your “rule of life.”