We are grateful for your generosity!

Our mission at NCPC is to Grow Deep in the Life of Jesus, Extend God's Love, and Share Christ's Hope. We welcome you to join us in this mission! Your donations help us fulfill the work God has called us to do in Mill Creek and beyond. Every gift you make goes towards supporting our church and ministry.

Thank you for partnering with us!

  • Online giving

    Click here to give online.

    Note that there is a 3% merchant charge.

  • By Mail

    Mail a check to:


    621 164th Street SE

    Mill Creek, WA 98012

  • Text to Give

    Please text 425-999-3598 with the amount you'd like to give.

Charitable Giving

The IRA charitable transfer is a great way to make a gift to a mission or ministry that you care about. Consider making the most of your IRA as you plan your required annual minimum distribution. Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) are gifts to charities made directly from an individual retirement account. This is an easy, tax-advantaged way for Presbyterians to support their favorite mission or ministry.

 See attachment for more information.