Giving at North Creek

The mission and ministry of our congregation doesn’t pause during a crisis like we’re now living through–far from it! If anything, our community needs followers of Jesus to reach out with God’s love now more than ever. Our church staff is hard at work equipping the NCPC congregation to make this happen: connecting us together, connecting us to God, and connecting us to our neighbors.

But being generous does quite a bit more than support the mission of the church (though it certainly does that!). It’s through being generous that we allow ourselves to be formed by the very heart of the generous God we serve. We discover God’s generosity growing in us, and learn just how faithful is God’s provision for our needs.

In this time of crisis, we have outlined below the various ways you can give to the church without compromising social distancing.

1. Giving directly through your bank via online Bill Pay.

How to Set Up Online Bill Pay

Login to your Online Banking account and choose the "BillPay" tab.

Click on "Add a Company or Person" button.

Choose the type of bill you would like to pay from our billing categories.

Enter and confirm your account number, and create a nickname for the account.

Enter your payment amount and date, and click "Make Payment."

2. Mail a check to North Creek Presbyterian Church directly.

Writing a check to NCPC

  Make the check out to North Creek Presbyterian Church.

  Mail a check to:


    621 164th Street SE

    Mill Creek, WA 98012

3. Online Giving

How to give online

  Please click here to give online.

  Note that there is a 3% merchant charge for online giving.

4. Text Giving

How to give via text message

  Text 425-999-3598 with the amount you wish to give.

  Text the word "funds" to see the available fund you can support.

Questions? Contact Kcristell at

Roof Fundraising

The roof project has been completed- Praise God! While we rejoice in a job well done, we continue to raise funds to pay for this vital facility project. You are warmly invited to participate in this fundraiser. With each of us taking our part, we will meet our goal of $100,000. The campaign continues until the end of September.

To give, pick up a pledge card at Church, or click here to download the pledge card. 

To view Pastor Kurt's announcement about the roof funding campaign: click here.

Charitable Giving

The IRA charitable transfer is a great way to make a gift to a mission or ministry that you care about. Consider making the most of your IRA as you plan your required annual minimum distribution. Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) are gifts to charities made directly from an individual retirement account. This is an easy, tax-advantaged way for Presbyterians to support their favorite mission or ministry.

Click here to - See attachment for more information.