The Six Days of Creation

The author of these paintings is Lee Allen, a long time member here at North Creek Presbyterian Church. They were begun in 2006 and, in Lee’s words, done “quite unintentionally.” The paintings use a new water color technique by utilizing the pouring of a large quantity of watercolor paint mixed with water onto wet paper and then controlling the flow and blending different colors simultaneously. Once dried, the colors stop in place. The “First Day” painting was Lee’s first attempt at this method and it was used to certain extents on subsequent paintings, particularly in the sky and sea. The rich pure colors you see are done without any brushstrokes.

In developing these paintings, Lee spent much time in reading and re-reading the words of creation as found in the Book of Genesis. What Lee discovered in his reading and in the results you see here is that the story of creation is actually a love story of God preparing a place for us. “Even though we would have created earth, mankind and the heavens in a different order,” Lee says, “God’s plan, in hindsight, is elegant and supreme.”

These paintings have been on loan elsewhere and we are grateful to see their return here to our church. May you be inspired by God’s handiwork as illustrated by this gift to us from Dr. Allen.

The first two Creation paintings are viewed at the South Entrance across from the church office. Continue viewing the Creation paintings at the east entrance.