Have Sunday school at home!

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By Friday each week we'll post all the resources you'll need to do Sunday School at home!  The FAMILY DISCUSSION GUIDE is the place to start.  From there, you can take a look at the STUDENT PAGES (varies by grade - be sure to choose the right ones!).  Finally, take a look at the CRAFT/ACTIVITY PAGE that has been prepared.

We're also producing a number of video messages to help equip you along this journey of faith:

  • Molly Clarke will be providing an overview of the lesson and the craft for both children and parents
  • Pastor Kurt will be providing a brief "hello" to kids each Sunday, emphasizing the main message of the Sunday School Bible Story
  • Early in the week, Pastor Kurt will provide a "Grown-Up" video message to parents designed to equip them to think through the Bible lesson before engaging the kids

We encourage you to continue the family habit of children's Christian education on Sunday morning.  A great time to do the lesson is before or after the 10am live-streamed worship service.  With that being said, feel free to use these materials at whatever time works best for your family. 

Check the pages below each week for new resources!

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Happy easter, April 12th

Happy Easter!

Below you will find resources to help you and your family celebrate Jesus Resurrection and talk about it as a family.  To begin watch the embedded video below, then use the Family Discussion Guide to talk about the Easter story with your kids.  Finally your kids can make a craft and fill out the student pages, by using the resources below.  Happy Easter and may we all remember that Jesus is Risen!







April 5th: Why Do We Praise Jesus

Happy Palm Sunday!  Today we praise Jesus and celebrate him riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.  Today all of our Children's Ministry Resources are focused on answering the question why do we praise Jesus.  You can find the introductory video below as well as links to the discussion guide, student pages, and a craft your kids can complete.

I hope these resources provide your family the opportunity to share your faith at home with your kids!  Happy Palm Sunday and Spring break, hopefully your family is able to find some fun way to celebrate.  







March 29th: Jesus and Nicodemus

Families hope you are doing well and staying safe.  Use these resources to talk about eternal life with your kids this week.  Watch the video together as a family, then read John 3:1-17 and answer the discussion question.  Kids can then make the craft and complete the student pages.







JUNE 14, 2020

Our Sunday School story today is about Stephen, who died a terrible death by stoning. And yet, Stephen asked Jesus to forgive his killers.  

Read Acts 6:8-7:60, then read the Family Discussion Guide.

In the passage, Stephen is killed by having stones thrown at him. To show our faith in Jesus, we are reclaiming stones for good, by decorating them with beautiful colors and positive messages, and then sharing them with our community. Detailed directions are the the craft guide: Painted Rocks Craft. 






June 7, 2020

Hello NCPC families!        Today’s bible passage is about how the first Christians cared for one another and how they organized the church to care for others. Read Acts 2:42-47 and Psalm 23 together with your family, followed by the Family Discussion Guide. You can then do the craft together, and do this week's activity pages. Have fun learning about our theme this week: God's Family Takes Care of Each Other!







May 31, 2020

Welcome to Sunday School at home!  Our bible story is the all about Jesus' ascension into Heaven, and his  command to his followers to "go and make disciples of all nations". Our bible verses are: Matthew 28: 16-20, and Acts 1:1-11. 

Read the bible verses with your family, then read the Family Discussion Guide, and you can do the craft together. You can also watch the video below, a short Lego version of the ascension. 

Enjoy your Sunday together!

Pastor to Parent video

Lego Ascension of Jesus

from the official channel for St Paul and St Stephen's Church, Gloucester (UK).

Jesus Ascends Bible Craft

from 123homeschool4me.com





May 17th 2020

Hello NCPC families, and welcome to At Home Sunday School!  Watch the videos from Molly and Pastor Kurt, then read the Family Discussion Guide. You can also do the craft together, and there are activity pages for each age group.

Children's message: Video

Pastor to Parent: Video






may 3rd 2020

Hello NCPC families!  Welcome to online Sunday School. 

Our bible story today is John 11: 1-45: Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead.

Watch Pastor Kurt's video for parents:  Video

Watch Children's Message video with your family: Video

Read the Family Discussion Guide, then try the Butterfly Craft. There are activity pages for each age group.

Have a great Sunday!






April 26, 2020

Hello families!  Welcome to today's Sunday School at Home. Our story today is from Luke 10: 25-37, the Good Samaritan. Please watch the videos below, and then read the family discussion guide. There is also an activity guide for some fun ways to put God's Word in action in your neighborhood, and an activity page for each age group.  Enjoy your Sunday School!

To watch the Children's message, click here: Video

Pastor Kurt's Intro to Sunday School: Video

Pastor to Parent: Video






April 19, 2020