An Important Announcement on In-Person Worship

Due to a continued high level of risk of transmission of COVID-19, the current suspension of in-person worship attendance has been extended until further notice. Sunday worship services will continue to be livestreamed on YouTube at 10am. We are evaluating this each week. Stay tuned for further information. 

Worship Reopening   

Providing equal access to in-person Sunday morning worship for all

“…In humility, value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others” (Philippians 4:3-4)

Our Sunday worship services are open to 50 attenders as appropriate given COVID-19 restrictions or guidelines.  It is our goal to provide a meaningful, safe, and lawful experience for those who would come, while still maintaining a vibrant and thoughtful experience for those who would continue to worship from home using the online option.  As long as COVID-19 social distancing measures are in place, we will provide an at-home worship option.  As an orientation to in-person worship, please read Session’s In-Person Worship Letter.


How Will Worship Be Different? 


  • You must preregister and receive a Sunday assignment
  • No more than 50 worshippers, plus volunteers and staff
  • A required check-in process at a single entrance to the facility
  • Masks on throughout the service
  • Music, but no in-person singing
  • No communion in worship on the first Sunday (a special Zoom communion service will be scheduled so we can take the sacrament together)
  • Tithes and offerings given, but no passing of offering plates
  • No social gathering after worship


For a full list of COVID-19 limitations, see COVID-19 Sunday Worship Guidelines and COVID-19 Facility Use Guidelines (full version)


Even with these differences, the most important things will remain the same.  God will meet us there!  We’ll hear joyful music of praise and listen to an inspiring message from God’s word.  Prayers will be passionately offered.  And all this experienced in the same room with 49 fellow believers…for the first time in more than six months.


Monthly Sign-Up


Our sign-up process will be monthly.  With a limited number of attenders each week, this monthly process allows us to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and be welcomed to worship safely.  Our goal will be to ensure that every person interested is able to attend one service during a given month.  Months may not correspond exactly with calendar months, but they will generally be collections of four Sundays.  

Monthly Registration Process

To attend in person, you will need to preregister. 

An invitation to register will be sent to our full email list of active participants (those who do not have email will be contacted by other means), two weeks prior to the first Sunday of the given month.

  • Before responding, please carefully review two documents: COVID-19 Sunday Worship Guidelines and COVID-19 Screening Form and Video Release
  • All are invited to respond to the invitation, even if you are planning to continue worshipping from home.
  • Those who want to attend in person will provide the following information:
  • Number of people covered by the reservation, with names
  • Dates you are NOT available to attend if assigned (all date availability must apply to all people in a reservation; different availability requires a separate reservation)
  • Indicate a special need to be assigned to the same worship service as someone outside your household based on the following reasons: 1) If you provide special needs or transportation assistance for them, or 2) you are a new visitor or member who has invited a new visitor.

The window for registration will remain open for at least three days (usually Monday through Thursday at 12 noon). 

After registration closes, groups of 50 will be formed by random assignment based on the data provided.  This process is managed by our Worship & Arts Ministry Team. 

As soon as groups are determined, you will receive an email indicating your assigned date for worship attendance, as well as a description of preparation requirements for your visit.


Weekly Preparation Process

  • Introducing “Flocks of 50” and “Sunday Shepherds”!  Anchoring to our biblical roots, each Sunday attendance group will be called a “flock,” and they will be assigned to a “shepherd.”  The role of the shepherd is to be in touch with each household in the flock and make sure everyone follows preparation requirements prior to arriving on Sunday.  They will also be available to respond to any questions that arise.
  • The Monday prior to your Sunday, you will receive an email with more information about in-person worship. You will have to complete a health screening form upon arrival on Sunday. 
  • Carefully review two documents: COVID-19 Sunday Worship Guidelines and COVID-19 Screening Form and Video Release
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Sunday Shepherd.

Links to Documents: 

COVID-19 Sunday Worship Guidelines

COVID-19 Screening Form and Video Release

COVID-19 Facility Use Guidelines (full version) “North Creek Presbyterian Church COVID-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation, and Recovery Plan”

Attending Worship at NCPC