Process for 

Discerning the Future of 

Pastoral Leadership with North Creek PC

North Creek PC is in a transition zone for pastoral leadership. 

Currently NCPC is served by Temporary Pastor, Rev. Heather James (.5FTE) and Associate Pastor, Rev. Kurt Helmcke (1FTE) who is also directing the worship and pastoral care life of the congregation. 

Pastoral Leadership of a congregation, whether transitional or installed is discerned together between Pastoral Leaders, session, congregation and NWC Presbytery (through the Commission on Ministry or COM), Each playing a particular role. You can read all about installed and temporary pastoral relationships in the PCUSA Book of Order (G-2.0504). Please note that an installed pastoral relationship is established between a pastor, congregation and presbytery. A temporary pastoral relationship is established and discerned between pastor, session and presbytery. 

You can download both the Book of Confessions and Book of Order here: 

Following is an outline of a process for discerning God’s will regarding pastoral leadership at North Creek PC over these next few months of the leadership transition period. It will be principled and collaborative rather than driven by loud voices or personalities. 

  • End of January 2021: NWC Presbytery Commission on Ministry (COM) will assess NCPC’s transitional ministry since summer of 2020, consult with both North Creek Pastors and outline process for discerning next steps in pastoral leadership with NCPC. 
  • NWCP COM reps will meet together with NCPC session/transition team to consult regarding the present and future of pastoral leadership at NCPC. 

January 31, 2021: Pastoral leaders, NCPC Session, NWCP COM reps will engage in consultation with NCPC congregants during congregational meeting about the future of pastoral ministry at NCPC. 

February 2021: Having listened well to God and one another (congregation, session, pastoral leaders, NWCP COM) session and COM will consult and propose next steps regarding pastoral leadership. 

February 2021: Consult with congregation about the proposed next steps. And if possible (if congregational circumstances allow for prayerful discernment discussions) approve a way forward by the end of February 2021. 

March 2021: Begin the steps outlined in February with session, COM and congregation. 

This process does not presuppose a specific outcome or specific deadline other than the healthiest, wisest, most faithful way forward we can discern together. It will take into account NCPC’s current pastoral leadership, present and future ministry, and financial status and outlook during a very challenging season at North Creek PC. We invite everyone to engage prayerfully and thoughtfully together toward God’s best vision for North Creek PC.