Updates on Our Next Step Sundays, Staffing Conversations, and the Annual Meeting

Dear Friends, 

I am writing with some updates about our Next Step Sunday discernment process, staffing conversations, and the Annual Meeting on Sunday January 31, 2021. 

Next Step Sundays:  Thank you to all who participated in these meaningful conversations. There were between 100 – 140 people on each call who gave their energy and effort to these evenings together.  We talked about governance and leadership, trust, morale, engagement, worship, and other issues core to our life together. The Session is currently pouring over your input and suggestions as they seek to discern our next steps in ministry and vision. 

Stones of Faith:  As a part of our gathering last Sunday, I encouraged each of us to consider where we have experienced God’s faithfulness at NCPC, and what are we willing to lay down to make room for what God is doing here. We are inviting each person to find a stone and write a word about God’s faithfulness on one side and a word representing what you are willing to lay down or offer on the other. Sometime this week, bring your stone and lay it around the fountain in the garden at church. No need to include your name – just come help us build an altar of praise and an offering of ourselves.  

Annual Meeting January 31, 2021 - We will gather this Sunday at 6:30 pm on Zoom to celebrate our last year together.  Come and join us as we remember God’s faithfulness through this year’s journey of faith.  

Congregational Meeting February 21, 2021:  The Session plans to bring the 2021 annual budget and a recommendation for pastoral leadership for the congregation’s input on Sunday, February 21, at 6:30pm on Zoom.  We will also be electing our nominating committee for 2021.  

Last week, you received a timeline for discernment of pastoral leadership for the next season at NCPC.  Both Pastor Kurt and I have met with our Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry (COM), and members from COM were at our Session meeting on Tuesday, January 26, to consult about next steps in discernment.   

After these two consultations, Session has determined that they need to take more time with our input from the Next Step Sundays, and continue to prayerfully consider our mission and ministry needs. The meeting on February 21st will be an opportunity for the Session to consult with the congregation about this next important step in our life together.  

As we enter February, I will be sharing with you some exciting ways God is bringing us together in common vision and concrete initiatives It takes all of us to make up this body of Christ, and we will continue to highlight ways that you can be involved in the conversations about where NCPC is headed.  
We look forward to seeing you this Sunday night as we celebrate together! 

In Christ, 

Pastor Heather