Faith Sharing Resources for your Family

Dear Parents,

Over the next few weeks we wanted to provide you with some resources to continue sharing and talking about your faith at home with your kids.  These resources are intended to be used together as a family with both parents and kids.  

Every Sunday, we'll post a family discussion guide centered around a Bible story or passage your child would have learned about in Sunday School that day.  We'll also post some student pages that go along with this Bible passage that you can print at home and your kids can fill out, these student pages vary depending what grade your child is in so make sure you download the right one!  We'll also have an activity or craft that relates to the story and can be completed at home.  Nathan will also strive to make a video each week that introduces and gives a brief lesson on the story for the week.  

Use these resources in whatever way works best for your family, if you want to add this discussion and practice in as a part of your church routine on Sunday morning that's great.  If you want to use these resources to have a midweek family devotional time, that is fine too.  

Check the pages below each week for a new Bible story and resources.  And if you're looking for some general resources to use at home during this time, here are a few we recommend.  

PC USA Free Children's Bible Story for the Week: 

March 29th: Jesus and Nicodemus

Families hope you are doing well and staying safe.  Use these resources to talk about eternal life with your kids this week.  Watch the video together as a family, then read John 3:1-17 and answer the discussion question.  Kids can then make the craft and complete the student pages.