Strategic Visioning Workshop

Saturday, January 21st, 2023, members and friends of NCPC gathered for our second Strategic Envisioning Workshop to review the findings of our demographic study of our community and develop provocative proposals for strategic next steps.

Stay tuned for an update on what's to come! 

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Rather than identifying problems to solve, Appreciative Inquiry explores the best of the organization's stories, practices, and hopes.  We imagine what might be possible in the future by

  • identifying themes that emerge from congregational sharing
  • imagining what might be possible in the future along these themes
  • building toward consensus about plans for future innovation

Resource for the Strategic Visioning Workshop:

Watch our Envisioning Workshop Part 2 Live Recording

Mission Study Report

Resource for our previous Envisioning Workshop:

Mission Study Itinerary

Pastor's Pen from September about “Appreciative Inquiry"

Pastor's Pen from October Current and Envisioning Our Future

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