Online Giving

Donate through your online bank account

(No cost to NCPC)

Steps to donate to NCPC through your online banking:

1. For PAYEE enter “North Creek Presbyterian Church”

2. If address is required, list:

   621 164th St. SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012

3. For PAYEE ACCOUNT # enter “General Fund” for church offering or “Building Fund” for the building fund

If you follow these steps, our Finance Manager is mailed a printed check from your bank including the name and address of the bank account owner. We record the charitable gift under the name included on the bank-issued check.

Make a financial gift via PayPal

(Cost to NCPC = 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction)

North Creek

Presbyterian Church

621 164th Street SE

Mill Creek, WA 98012