Same Kind of Different As Me: Lent Study

Jesus calls us to care for the homeless and others who are in need.  We have opportunities in the church to serve others in mission, including an upcoming mission trip to Honduras.  Jesus prepares us by nurturing in us a remarkable heart of love for others.  We think he’ll do this through this amazing story of friendship, as we explore Extraordinary Faith / Forgiving Love / Loving the Unlovable / Praying “Your will be done” / Going Beyond Service to Truly Bless Others.   

Be a part of a family small group during Lent .  Each week you'll meet with a few other families with kids and go through a video based study of the book, Same Kind of Different as Me.  

For parents this will be a great time to connect with other parents and grow deeper in your faith.  For your kids it'll be an opportunity to have a play date each week!  Groups will meet each week, March 10-April 14.

If you'd like to be a part of a group during Lent you can sign up using the form below!

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North Creek

Presbyterian Church

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